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Hi, I am Yennek Sivad. I am an independent artist looking to have my music listened too by any and all who would kindly browse here, every track here is an original composition mostly by me , and in these tracks you will hear my musical composing of jazz, funk, rock and dance music and more. subscribe my outré musical art compositions. I thank you deeply for your patronage.

The driftwood, Genre in the loop and the many single projects, released started back in September 2012 to the present, which reflects my passion for the resonance of music reminiscent of yesterday. Like the word driftwood, that is constantly moving and floating on water, it takes on different genres and classifications, but becomes invariable when it finally reaches land to those who become fans.

All of my tracks play into the design that my appeal to a diverse audience of listeners who wants to drift along and land somewhere with me and my various musical genres takes so you can really enjoy the my end result.

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Yennek Sivad
Hi, I am Yennek Sivad. I am an independent artist looking to have my music played which covers a wide range of subject matter and musical styles., every track on this site is an original composition by me. I am not an international superstar yet but am working to develop a following of loyal fans everywhere.

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